join local peacemaking initiatives

Peace Catalyst International (PCI) exists to ignite local movements of Christians and Muslims living in peace and working together for human flourishing everywhere. Its staff organizes loving initiatives that create safe spaces and foster authentic relationships between Christians and Muslims.

We’d love for you, your small group, or your church to get involved! Please contact us if you’d like help thinking through practical steps to reach out and begin building peace with people of other faith backgrounds in your own community.

While we’d love to talk with or accompany you on this journey, the initial steps are all about practical relationship building and learning. Here are some ways that we do it:

  • Bringing together people from local mosques and churches by visiting one another’s places of worship to allow people to learn about one another’s beliefs, reduce misunderstanding, and overcome fear so that people in each community can begin to form relationships with one another
  • Sharing meals at local restaurants or in homes to give Christians and Muslims time to share honest conversation and deepen relationships with one another
  • Hosting panel and group discussions with Christians and Muslims interested in learning about one another’s religious views, particularly about challenging subjects, to provide a safe space to begin to tackle tougher issues

To sum it up in a phrase: Peace making is all about deepening trust and building personal relationships. We have found that we have an incredible amount of common ground with people of different faiths or no faith, and although we each have important differences in what we believe, those differences don’t need to make us afraid. Rather, they are an incredible opportunity for learning and mutual growth.

Please feel free to contact us at or with any questions or if you’d like to consider becoming a Peace Catalyst representative in your city or region.


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